Sunday, February 15, 2009

b mine, all mine. ..

Happy V-day.

After a little trip to the beach, it was so great to come home and prepare for a quiet little v-day dinner. B had left little valentines out for the boys, from him, and some little treats sent from Nana barb.

The boys ended up having popcorn balls for lunch, which was totally okay with me.

I made fondue, and had bought a whole crab, which the boys thought was so freakin cool. We made v-day brownie cupcakes and had a nice special dinner with our little family.

Much drama happened over the last week. Drama my already chaotic life doesn't need, I over-reacted, but what can you do... It sucked, all it did was make me appreciate my loving, caring, supportive, understanding husband even more. It made me so thankful for who I choose to surround myself with, and made me realize not everyone has to like me. and that is okay.