Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big camping adventure...

So the end of June we took a camping trip to Harris Beach... We met up with Brian's mom, we figured Harris Beach is about half way...
this was the run down of our first camping attempt...

  • camp spot reservations at the beach, 6 hours from home.....$65.00
  • food and snacks....$120.00
  • hotel room to puke my guts up in and die in privacy...$125.00
  • filling the tank with gas to drive home stopping every 2 hours to let your husband puke out the passenger side door......$35.00
  • creating memorable family vacations.... priceless!

Last weekend we loaded up and attempted the second camping trip of the summer.

In total our crew had 4 kids under the age of 4. I was worried, I kept telling myself if we make it one night and it sucks, we can come home, the lake was only about 2 hours away...

It was awesome, we had a great time! The kids did really well, and we only had one hair pulling incident on the last day, but other than that they liked each other... and No one puked.

We were so busy swimming, soaking up the sun, getting dirty, and trying to keep the kids occupied we didn't get any pics... the one Kari captured... tooo precious.
..little brown boy and lily white..


Their Giant said...

I LOVE this post. Not just because my cute lil Claire's behind makes an appearance but the recap of your camping/puking trip cracked me up.

We had a great time!