Monday, August 10, 2009

working nine to five...

Actually it was only 8am to 11am, and only for one week. Really not even a whole week, just Monday through Thursday.

I covered the front desk at my old work... Coffee Bean International. I can't believe it has been 2.5 years since I worked there. It was great catching up with everyone, basically all I did was gab most of the time I was there. It was like I never had left. It was nice being there without the stress I had when I actually worked there. One of my old positions just opened up, one of the less stressful ones....the manager came and talked to me about it and I seriously considered it for maybe an hour.

Do you know how nice it was to not have 2 little men following my every move? How nice it was to do paperwork in quiet. To have actual conversations about other peoples lives, that don't have kids, to talk about weddings, and concerts, and yoga remember that I did have a life before kids.

Even though it was so great to have a little break, and act like I was working (seriously only working for 3 hours a morning can't really be considered working). It was great coming home to the boys, I missed them, I missed waking up with them (I won't lie though, getting up before they were awake, showering and actually getting dressed and having somewhere to be, was really nice). This time I have with them is precious, and will be gone soon... i keep telling myself that.

The Money does not add up right now, I would be paying most of my paycheck to have someone else be with the kids most of the day. Plus I wouldn't have much time for burdyflyaway, which is my job right now. It would be so nice to have someone else just pay me for showing up and picking my nose, rather than me having to stress about getting all the crap done in order to get a paycheck!

It is kind of fun being on temp status at work though, and to have an office that likes me! Every once in a while working for a week here or there is enough to remind me being at home is the best thing for all of us right now! And thank GOD I have Brian and have that choice, there are allot of women that have to work, they don't have the options that I have, so now I will stop complaining and get these freakin wholesale burdy orders done and out the door, can't get paid if the crap is not shipped!