Friday, September 21, 2007

imaginitive play...

Oliver Beans best friend of the week...we had a very special guest at dinner last week. Ollie has been carrying around this bear for awhile. Which he never has been really into stuffed animals, but lately he has been feeding his stuffed dog, carrying around the bear, and insisting it eat dinner with us.

At first I just stuck the bear on the table, but ollie insisted he needed a chair, and than was so upset when the bear did not reach the table, so I jerry-rigged a bear seat. He than had to share his bib with the bear, and was trying to feed him his dinner. So I gave him an empty bowl and spoon, that did not trick ollie, so we filled the bowl with cheerios. That worked for a minute but ollie still had to share peaches and oranges.
The next day, ollie was playing in his room, I heard him talking a bunch and went to check on him. He had set up a little circle of bears and was feeding them "cookies" or whatever roundish thing he could find... I love his little imagination..... or maybe we need to get out of the house a little more and meet some real life kids... haaaaa