Sunday, March 16, 2008

my "hope for healthy"...

Shortly after I was feeling human, B got sick. He was up all night friday night and pretty much dead for the entire day saturday. Ollie got sick once, I was preparing myself for a sleepless night but he was fine, threw up once slept the whole night and has been fine today. So thanks for the prayers for health it kind of worked. It could have been much worse.

B and I still feel poopy, but the boys are fine, which is good. We went to the video store today and rented 7 movies. That is alot of entertainment, but after days of sickness, we needed something to help with the boredom and misery.

B is feeling better and took max to fossil to get a new watch band. Why he needs it today is beyond me, but when he gets something into his head that he needs there is no stopping him.

Ollie and I just took his bike around the block. It was nice just spending some one on one time with him, looking at all the blooming trees and flowers. 3 days in the house makes a big difference when spring is blooming, our backyard is sprayed with color. Color that was not there on Wednesday when we were playing in the sun. And all the neighborhood trees are filled pink with blossoms. It was a "pretty walk"... according to Ollie.

B took him to soccer on friday and than out to a special daddy and ollie lunch, while me and max stayed home and recovered from our rough thursday. I guess on friday he did'nt want to play soccer and spent the whole class climbing the bleachers, B has alot of photo's of Ollie on the bleachers.

Okay so this is a random blog, but come on, I have been sick.

We got a new camera, ours was on the way out. Before I actually read the manual I was just messing around taking photo's, this will just you give you alittle insight into the wonderful world of Ollie and Max, and the fight for the blocks.

I love how the photo's are blurred by movement. These guys are fast and I think it captures the little tiff very well. Ollie loves his blocks, and we are working on sharing, he spends alot of quiet time building lots of different things, I love watching him and his imagination. He builds rockets, robots, cars, trucks, boats, he even names the different parts, the brakes, the engine, the lights... how do kids pick up this stuff.

**just a side note my kids do wear pants, even though most of my pics they are pantless. I seem to always catch them after nap time, which most of the time ollie comes out with just a pull-up on, he is in a no clothes phase.