Friday, March 14, 2008

.. .sick.. ;(

It has been quite awhile since I have been sick, and yesterday it hit me full force. Could not have had worse timing.

B's Grampa on his dad's side died last week and today we were supposed to be in california at a memorial. We than made plans to head down to B's mom's house for the weekend and than drive back on Monday on B's birthday. This would have been a great weekend to re-connect with family we don't get to see often.

I loaded the bags on Wednesday night, got the house cleaned up, and almost used up the last of the milk, I was in the out-of-town mood. Thursday morning B had to run into work early (like 4:30 am) to finish up some stuff. I was awakened around 5 by max crying, I let him cry for awhile but he was'nt going back to sleep, so I made a bottle (trying to stop nursing) and got him out of bed and brought him into bed with me. He would'nt take the bottle, but I was serious about the no nursing that morning... so he eventually took a little of the bottle and fell asleep, about a half hour later I was awakened by him puking on my bed. Not a lovely way to wake up. I thought maybe it was the milk, but he had never had a problem with milk before. So I climbed out of bed at the un-godly hour of 6am. I nursed max alittle and layed with him on the couch. He puked again. I got him a little water. He puked again. GREAT. In 6 hours we are supposed to be on the road for an 8 hour car ride down I-5.
Ollie got up, I gave him breakfast while max was sleeping in and out on the couch. Than, oh yeah, guess who got neausous. ME.... I took one sip of coffee, and puked.
To make a long story short, B got stuck at work till 4pm. I had Annie bring me sick supplies and take Ollie away since he was not sick. I than proceeded to puke my guts out all day long, while trying to deal with poor little max, who was also puking his guts out. At one point we were throwing up into the same bowl. IT SUCKED. Not to mention I have a tendency to pass out when I throw up... my day sucked.
B got home, I went to bed.
I last threw up around midnight, and have been holding down sprite and chicken broth since. THANK GOD that is over. Now everyone please pray Ollie and B stay healthy. I hate the pukes.


Kelley said...

Katie and Brian - I'm so sorry to hear about Grandpa. I didn't know he passed away until I read your blog which I read almost daily to stay connected to you and the kids. Even though I'm no longer officially part of the family, I still care about you guys very much and want Emily to stay connected. Always feel free to contact me at Take care, Kelley

Their Giant said...

Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick and about your Grandpa. Here's hoping everybody stays healthy! I wish I lived closer, I'd come by with ginger ale.