Friday, March 21, 2008

overdue kid update....

so my posts have been pretty sucky lately.. so here are some cute pics and updates of the little men.


Is talking a mile a minute, loves to sing the alphabet, and count anything he sees. I am a proud mama when he exclaims look mom "super letters" and proceeds to read all the letters he sees. The "super letters" statement comes from a show on PBS that he loves called Super Why. If the kid likes a show I guess I am okay with it being educational at least.

He loves the movie Peter Pan, we rented while we were sick.. we need to get out more.

He is using the word "Amazing" to describe everything... and when you walk in the door, loves to say "glad to see you"

Also when we were all recovering from the pukes, his blanket was washed multiple times. Anytime I would bring him a fresh, from the dryer, clean blankie, he would say "nice and warm, all clean." and "thanks mama, I love you." That made the puke clean up alittle easier.

When we get home, I have been having Ollie grab Max's hand and walk him up to the porch. Ollie loves this task, max not so much. What ends up happening is ollie chasing max asking for his hand and crying while max runs off holding his own hand.


Is also talking a mile a minute, he is quite the little parrot, I have an echo after everything I say.

Wants to do everything himself, and everything ollie is doing.

Is refusing to give up nursing, but we are working on it.

Loves to sing songs and dance around.