Thursday, March 6, 2008

My soccer star**

We started soccer last friday. Ollie was stoked to go out and kick balls all over the place. He was in little boy heaven, though he was slightly confused and kept trying to play basketball.
He did really good during the freetime play. I know he will get better at listening to the coaches the more we go. But the huge gym was just to tempting for his little 3 year old feet. He kept following all the lines around the gym acting like a train. Jo luckily was there to help me wrangle Ollie and Max. He will get better, I just keep telling myself that. It was his first class and alot of the kids have been going for awhile, it was good gave me a workout chasing the little man around trying to rope him back into what the other kids were doing. By the end Jo was running around with him. At the end of class the kids put away all the balls and only the three coaches have a ball. The game is try and steal the ball away from the teacher. Ollie did not understand this game, he was running behind the teacher with jo frantically doing his please sign and falling to the ground in a crying fit because he could not understand why the teacher kept running away from him. Poor guy. Soon he will learn that this is a game, and it is fun, right?