Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy B-day Nana Barb...

We were so lucky to get to go down to California for a second visit this summer. Nana Barb had to have surgery the beginning of the month on her lung, Not fun.... so me and the boys headed down to help around the house (I mowed the lawn, only the second time in my life mowing a lawn.. impressive....) and to celebrate her b-day.

Nana Barb has a swimming pool and the boys love it. Since we have been home they keeping asking to go to Nana Barbs... sucks it is a 12 hour drive to get there!

It was a great visit, barb and I haven't spent that much time just one on one, so it was nice to have a low key week to just hang out...

We got to drive out to french camp and visit with great grampa joe... the boys like it out there, I think grampa joe likes it too!

We got the boys hair-cuts (or hair fixes... I just can't help chopping at the boys hair..)

We also took them to see Kung Fu Panda, They were so stoked... It was the first real movie both of them have been to. We take them to the kennedy school theatre, but it is not the big movie theater experience this was. I forgot how much I loved the theater out in riverbank... it is soooo freakin nice the chairs are roomy and lean way back without squishing the people behind you. We went to an early matinee so there was hardly anyone in the theater. Max made it through about half the movie before wanting to wiggle around.. which was fine, we spent the last half of the movie running along the side aisle by the exit... than he curled up in my lap and fell asleep. We got the boys a little tray of popcorn, I think max kept thinking I was going to take it away he was shoving that stuff in with both hands at one point.

So we have another visit planned for early September, I think, or maybe the holiday season, we really want to take the boys to Disneyland and maybe instead of doing a normal christmas, we will do a trip instead.. hmmm something to think about.

This is a shot of our ride home, so much smoke between Sacramento and Ashland it was crazy, it felt like I was in a war zone....