Friday, July 25, 2008

interuppting the peace.

I cherise the time I get to spend at the gym. I especially cherish my yoga class. One whole hour to concentrate on nothing but my breath, reconnecting with my after-baby body, and seeing how far I can push it. I have always enjoyed yoga. Yesterday I dropped the kids off in the daycare like normal, and high tailed it to class. I got in the groove, my blood started boiling, oh how I love sun salutations. As we start into balance strength poses the daycare lady appears at the door... crap... I run out with my bag thinking it must be a poopy diaper. No max is crying... why? no-one knows. I get to the daycare area and max doesn't really seem upset... so I sit with him a minute, the nursery worker starts blowing bubbles and I make my exit. Get back to class and we start on inversion poses (which I don't really like, just because I am not very good at them, by the time I get my body all contorted and upside down, my cleavage is pushed up almost to my nose and I can't breath.... I am to round still for some of this stuff...heeh) right as we are working on the stupid head stand, whatever with your elbows on your knees, I see the girl again. COME ON... it is only an hour, can't they at least try to entertain him. I make my way to the nursery again, max is crying, pulling at his bracelet and asking to go to mommy's car. Well at that point there was only 15 minutes left of class.. So I went back to class just to grab my stuff, loaded up the boys and came home. I was SO cranky. The best part of yoga is laying on the floor at the end and just letting everything stop. your mind, your body, it is my favorite part... and I missed it, jerked out of my peace and back to the craziness of my life with 2 little men...

I guess it helps that they are cute, but still, come on... it is only an hour a day I ask for... I am just hoping this is not a trend, I will let you know how the gym goes today..
A little side note, you know the local bread daves killer bread .. I think Dave is in the yoga class I take... the dude looks like the drawing and a daves killer bread honda passport is always in the parking lot on yoga day... I might work up the nerve to ask him.... haaaa... it is kind of funny.