Thursday, July 24, 2008

we heart family reunions....

So it was that time of year again for the third annual Meier/Bartel/Sessums/Raetz/Payne (missing a meier and 2 samarins) Black Butte trip.
We spent the first half of the week with the two and a half (mom) Meier and Payne families, and missed out on hangin with the Sessums/Bartel crew.
It was super fun even if half the fam was missing. The previous week we had been in California visiting Nana Barb, came home for three days and than went to the mountains for the weekend, by the end of the weekend my boys were vacationed out!

Lets see last year we had becki our private vegan chef, which we missed terribly, this year we did pretty good though... there was allot more meat in our menus though.

We rode bikes, played allot of Wi (we need one of those),

*check out Max's face in the photo he was having a blast.. and look ma no pants!

hung out at the pool (max is a swimming machine) Ollie just wanted to hang out in the hot tub. Me and Shannon made it to one morning of Yoga which was fantastic! and went fishing. It was relaxing and crazy and super fun... we are already looking forward to next year! (bex and jo put it on your calenders now, we missed you)

I was trying to get a good pick of all three boys... they were to into climbing! "look mom I am going to fall in the lake"
you can't really see maxes hand but he had a big piece of wood, he was headed over to hunt caveman style!
ohhh and here comes daddio rickshaw
Max helping papa mike work on his investments and check e-mail, while munching on his breakfast of champions.. the cheerios.

Daddy and Ollie on there boy bonding time.

They picked me some wild flowers, Ollie however is not at all interested in getting his photo taken with me... the blue is leaving his eyes.. he will totally have mamas green eyes... ladies beware.