Friday, October 3, 2008

last summer day at the beach...

We took one last day trip to the beach before aunt jo started her internship at OHSU. It is going to be sad when she has to work rather than play with us all day.
We headed over to cape lookout to check out the camping situation there. It was beautiful and I can't wait to rent a yurt for a weekend.
Cape lookout is a nice, clean, small beach, surrounded by awesome hiking trails through the forest and along the coast line. It was a colder day than we expected, but we have learned to expect gloomy weather at the oregon coast... i personally like it that way!
Jo was being quite the instigator, teaching the boys how to do sand angels, and making wigs and tails out of seaweed. Made for quite a clean up the next morning. Lots of sand in odd places, the boys loved getting covered from head to toe.
Since we potty trained ollie can't seem to keep his pants up. The boy has no butt... poor thing was mooning everyone on the beach. lucky for us we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.
We ran around the beach all day but ended up driving all the way to rockaway to get dinner. There was'nt much around cape lookout that we could find. We got really good pizza in rockaway though! I am already stoked for our little winter trips to the beach!