Sunday, February 15, 2009

florence = freakin beautiful

Me and the boys spent the last part of the week hangin with my brothers family in their new little town. John (bro) got a promotion and got moved to the beach, Florence, Or. west of Eugene..... They are seriously lucky ducks. Their house is Gorgeous, huge windows, beautiful landscaping, and a great open layout. The beach is only 2 blocks away and is awesome.

The beach was like my little men's playground dream... huge sand dunes, washed up driftwood, and a long jetty... so freakin cool.

It was a great place to take photos.
We had a nice visit, a little stressful, the boys had just gotten over colds, and I was stressed and not sleeping well. It was fun though. Nicole and john had just moved last week, so they are still adjusting.
Baby emma is now 3.5 months old, at the hard stage when they want to nurse allot and not sleep so much, max was the same way, he wanted mom and only mom. Emma is right there, which can be so hard on a mama. Max and Ollie both really love baby emma, makes me excited for when (of if) we add another to our clan.


Tiffany said...

I LOVE Florence! My grandparents lived there. I remember it was wonderful! Your pictures are so pretty...a trip down memory lane. No wonder I love the beach. Hope it helped you de-stress =)

katie said...

oh my gosh, is'nt it beautiful there... I seriously would move in a heart beat. They are really lucky, it would be so awesome to raise kids at the beach! It is about a 3 hour drive from us, so not to bad for long weekends!