Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Max.. .

The other day Max got a big ouch. Ollie, while fighting over a book, pushed Max into the coffee table. He hit his lip, bit through the back with his bottom teeth, and through the front with his top teeth... it looked at first much worse than it is... poor little guy...

an excerpt from the mouth of Max at breakfast...

max:"i have an ouchy"
"it hurts."
me: "i'll get some medicine to make it feel better."
max: "maybe a chocolate chip."
me: "a what."
max: "a chocolate chip will make it better."
Nice try max...
*the pic has nothing to do with his bit lip, but I thought it was a funny pic.


Tiffany said...

They learn so fast =) That is too funny! They gotta try and play on our sympathies. Both the boys are sooo handsome btw.