Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 days....

Really I slacked for 11 days...... I have follow through issues.

So in my 11 days of slacking, Oliver graduated from kindergarten, I think it hit me harder than I thought it would. I try not to be too emotional, but having my little man graduate kind of put me on a teary edge. I am not ready for a first grader, I am not ready for the school year to be over, I want to shrink my boys and keep them little forever.

I think it is funny how tall Surin is next to Oliver, it seems like all the girls shot up in the class, and all the boys are short.

So please excuse my slacky-ness. I am dealing with Mama issues.


Katelan said...
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Katelan said...

Since my first post made no sense...ha ha...that's crazy. I used to have Surin in a class a couple years ago. Small world!