Friday, June 10, 2011

. ..The lost Baby T-Rex.. .

My book: is called.
The Lost Baby T-Rex
By: Oliver Raetz
Title: Book

Once upon a time there was a baby T-Rex
(notice the little T-Rex and the big trees...)

The baby T-Rex was lost. Until the T-Rex grew.
(the trees are getting smaller, and the T-Rex is getting bigger...)

The T-Rex grew, and grew, and grew. And then the T-Rex grew huge.

Humongous. Huge, Huge.
(little trees, huge T-Rex..... I love it)

Huge, huge, huge. Huge, huge, huge, huge.
(tiny trees....)

Huge and humongous. Back to small.
(the orange circles are the T-Rex's dream bubbles...)

The T-Rex had a dream. The end!

I love this book.

Ollie loves to write stories... I have a huge stack of journals from his school, some of his stories are so funny and detailed, most involve one or more of the following.... dinosaurs (T-Rex's), a night fury (from how to train your dragon.... Mrs. Mash thought he was writing and drawing pictures of a night fairy.... which I think is kind of funny) monster trucks, skateboards, gorillas, his brother, his mom and dad, Mrs. Mash, and his friends... most of the stories have him riding something.

I have spent the last couple of nights pouring over his books. I think I am going to compile them in one big book. I just can't get over how awesome they are. I will post some of my favorites!