Thursday, June 9, 2011


We do not have regular television in our house. When we were cutting back our expenses, Cable was of course, the first thing to go. Instead we stream Netflix through the Wii, and watch shows via Hulu, or from the network sites. This actually works quite well for us, there is no unintentional couch potato-ing. You have to really work at finding something to watch.

So one of the things about Netflix, it has kind of weird shows that the boys get sucked into. Like Voltron defender of the universe (from when B and I were kids). The boys favorite..... BeyBlade metal fusion.
The other day at Target, B and I were looking at Helmets, and the boys were allowed to go over to the toy aisles. They came back so excited pulling us over and exclaiming, "You will never believe this, it is what we have been dreaming and wishing for." Guess who carries BeyBlade toys, of course Target. With the boys piggy bank money, each got a Bey, and they got a battle arena. Pure Heaven for these two little men.


The Manlupig Family said...

It is so interesting what happens when you have Two boys vs. a boy and a girl. It also must change based on the age of the boy/girl, ie. who has the most influence. Leo and McKenzee play Littest Petshop. LOL Poor Leo he's missing out on boy play. ahh nature vs. nurture so interesting...