Thursday, July 24, 2008

B's company picnic.... lame-o

So I am not in love with B's job, yes I should be thankful, it pays us enough for me to stay home, and for that I should be grateful. so I will shut-up about it! Okay back to the picnic, it was up at Mt. Hood "Adventure Park"... so lame.
it is really like a backwoods country amusement park. I was not impressed. We got there late (imagine that, my family late..ha) so we missed out on the BBQ... but the event was scheduled at 3:00 pm... hello, it takes an hour to get there and that is right at the end of naptime. Ollie is not one to be awokin from a nap early, he is almost impossible to deal with, so when he sleeps you let him wake up on his own...period.
so yeah, we were late. It was hot, the boys were to small to really enjoy any of the few rides they did have. Ollie and I took the chair lift up and slid down a cement alpine slide, that was okay, but pretty anti-climatic. I was looking at the brochure and it is $20 bucks a person for that place... LAME.
Anyway the best part of the day was stopping at Tollgate campground, and hitting the DQ on the way back. I camped at tollgate a long time ago and remember it being really pretty. So we stopped and checked it out with the boys. I think we will try to get up there for a night of camping before the summer is over.
This is B trying to give me a heart attack. He walked out on fallen tree trunks over the river, than took ollie out with him. This is not the swimming type of river, it is freezing and moves pretty fast, I kept seeing ollie and max being swept down stream. so B safely returned the boys to the rocks, not dangling out over the water... They thought dad was pretty cool though, and mom was a party pooper.. Well boys, your still alive, so I did my job well.