Wednesday, October 22, 2008

daddio induced hearing loss...

The other night B was entertaining the kids while I was working on burdy stuff, or cooking, or whatever it is I do. I kept hearing loud off music coming from the basement play/storage/laundry folding/guest/B's music room (boy, that basement has allot of functions). I captured a little of the concert for your listening pleasure, notice how close max is sitting to the huge amp. B and I discussed little ears, I would like our children to be able to hear in preschool.

On another note, I had a meeting today at Grasshopper (one of the shops that carries burdy) and Kara (owner of Grasshopper and Tumbleweed, also the designer of karaline and wild carrots) is totally hooking me up. She is awesome anyways, but she had a little business pow wow with me, and is kind of taking me under her wing, which is more than I could ever ask for. She passed my info onto a showroom she works with in L.A.. Which is awesome! This is a huge opportunity for me, and I really hope it works out.

My goal is to establish myself so I don't have to go back to work for someone else, I just may be able to work for myself. Hopefully in the future B will be able to quit his sucky job, and we can do burdy as a family. We are looking at getting a screenprinting press and maybe starting a mens line, or B can pursue more schooling for something he loves, rather than something he has to do to keep food on the table. I have left it up to the higher power, I know what is meant to happen, will happen, and I will just keep pluggin away. Who knows what will happen to small businesses with the state of the economy.....But, oh, what if!