Thursday, October 16, 2008

loving fall....

I am loving the seasons change right now, the gorgeous bright weather, but only around 65. Layer on a long sleeve tee and you are good to go! Me and the boys have been taking full advantage, spending as much time as we can out in the backyard or at the park. I know soon the weather will be wet, and indoors will be our only option. But for now we are loving it.

We headed out to a new pumpkin patch that I read about on urbanmamas. A couple of moms had recommended it and it was on our side of town so B got off work early and we headed out. It sucked... against my better mama judgement I loaded the kids up at almost 2 pm, right at naptime, brilliant, to head out the pumpkin patch. Both boys fell asleep in the car. My boys don't do to well when they get woken up to early from a nap. The patch itself was not really a patch, a field with a bunch of pumpkins laid out. The reason why I wanted to go there was because they said they had a bunch of pre-schooler type activities. They did, but they were kind of lame, kind of run down, and not I guess what I expected. Plus you had to pay to let the kids climb on some hay, play in a broken down playhouse and dig in a corn box. Whatever.
We left the patch with two small pumpkins, I left the patch carrying a screaming max... before we even bought the darn pumpkins.
Ollie and B stayed behind to purchase the pumpkins. Ollie in a fit (because he wanted to weigh the pumpkin again), threw his pumpkin on the ground. He had enough force that it split the pumpkin open.
So there I was sitting in a car with a screaming max, and I see B walking very quickly almost dragging ollie to the car. Needless to say, ollie was in trouble... But I understand the poor little guy, no nap, overstimulated.. good thing we had a 20 minute car ride home for everyone to cool off. The boys fell asleep again and we took a late nap. Thank God for naps.