Monday, October 20, 2008

here comes the baking...

the weather is grey and yucky... makes me want to bake! last week me and the boys made this lovely pie... I like custard-y things, but not so much in my apple pie, it smelled great, and looked great, but was a little disappointing. I think my house likes more carmelly apple pies, not so custard-y. But I love that blog, she makes me so jealous. I wish I just had a dog to take care of sometimes (not really I would miss my boys).

Me and Ollie roasted a squash to make pumpkin cookies, he was such a good little helper. He took the photo of me. He is getting really into taking pictures, which is fun sometimes, it is kind of difficult reminding him that it is mommy and daddy's camera and not a toy.

I think in his picture he was mimicking me, in one of the pics he took I was leaning on my hand. I kept having to get really low because he kept pointing the camera down. He did a good job, and was very proud of himself.

Speaking of pride. It bites you in the butt sometimes. I kind of suck at making soup. I always make it more complicated than it should be, and my soup turns out over seasoned and thin.

But, last week I made the BEST broccoli cheddar soup. I kept raving about how great my soup was, and how I made it from scratch, and basically how awesome I was. Well, I tried to make it last night for dinner. Same ingredients, but a cocky attitude, cause I thought I was the bomb soup maker.

It was so horrible we had to order pizza for dinner. I don't know what I did. I think I might have overcooked the rue... I used veggie stock instead of chicken stock... I don't know exactly what I did other than humble myself. I hope to redeem my soup making sometime this week, wish my family luck.

really how gross does that look, lumpy and congealed... ooooohhhh grosssss..