Tuesday, October 7, 2008

no more monkeys jumping on the bed...

Bed time has been a struggle in our house for the last month, I blame it on the late summer nights. Ollie ended up being put to sleep in our bed every night, and max started noticing the special treatment. So we would have max screaming for mommies bed, and ollie screaming when we tried to put him in his little bed. The only solution I could see was new beds for both. We needed something major to reset the bedtime routine.

So in my search I scored the mother of all deals on craigslist this weekend. I have been watching adds for about two weeks for bunk beds. Originally we were going to get a set at Ikea, but the one I wanted was $400 bucks, plus the cost of the mattresses. I went to plan B and started looking on craigslist, originally I felt like I needed to get beds that the boys would have for a long time. I wanted them to be wood, I wanted them to be able to be set up as bunk beds, and come apart as two twins. Right now being a single income family of four, our price range was pretty limited. Craigslist had a couple of good deals, but like anything on craigslist you have to act really fast or it is gone.

I ended up getting an almost new Ikea Kura reversible bed for $35 bucks which came with a practically new Ikea mattress. It does'nt have all the characteristics I wanted in a set of bunks, but $35 bucks... come on...

The guy I bought them from had bought an abandoned lot from a storage unit, and had no idea what the bed costed new, I felt like I was ripping him off. The bed new at Ikea is $199 and the mattress is $100... I did tell him what they sell for new, he said he had told his wife to look it up online, so it is her fault they did'nt put it up for more, but he was stoked to sell it to me, with my two little cute men in tow.

We headed out to Ikea and picked up another mattress for the bottom, and the tent cover for the top. The boys are stoked, and I must say my grand reset the bedtime plan is working smoothly so far. Two nights, and two naptimes both boys have slept in their own beds. This makes one happy mama and papa.

It took the boys no time at all to find new ways of playing on the bunk beds. The bed is low so hopefully that is better than full size bunks. I am hoping for no bumps and bruises, but know they are on the way.