Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lunch duty.. .

Pretty soon they won't even need me. Now I just need to teach them how to do the dishes!

Last week we started a new lunchtime routine. Normally when the weather was good I would send the kids out to the backyard to play, and make lunch without little men running around my legs. Now with the weather being yucky that isn't as easy of an option.
So I sat them down gave them each a plate, and two pieces of bread. The first time they made there own lunch we made turkey, cheese, and tomato sandwiches. Not only did they do awesome by being involved with the whole process, but they seriously ate way more than when I just serve them their lunch. And they were so proud of their lovely creations. So now on the gloomy days I have sandwich making helpers, It kind of doubles as an art project, killing two birds with one stone... awesome
*Just a little lunch related story. Awhile back at my mom's house, she told the boys that ham was elephant meat. So now every time we eat any kind of lunchmeat the boys call it elephant meat... haa haa haaaa


Their Giant said...

i ask claire what kid of milk she wants before naptime...almost every time she chooses froggy milk or butterfly milk. no idea where she came up w/ that!