Wednesday, November 12, 2008

terrible two.

can someone, please anyone, save me from the terrible two's.

As I wrote the last post, I had a little almost two year old run up to me stripped down to nothing more than a diaper with his older brothers buzz lightyear underwear on over his head. Yelling at me that he wants candy, thank you halloween.

Anytime I tell Max anything he replys by saying... "but, Mom." Where did he get that.

Me: "Max stop yelling!"
Max: "but, Mom."
Me: "Max get off of the coffee table."
Max: "but, Mom."
Me: "Max get off your brother."
Max: "but, Mom."
Me: "Max stop biting ollie."
Max: "but, Mom."
Me: "Max put the food in your mouth."
Max: "but, Mom."
You get the idea.

*The conversations listed are only a fraction of our morning this morning.


Tiffany said...

Ahh yes, the terrible sorry honey! But, it will get better. Just in time for them to throw something new our way. This is mommyhood:)