Saturday, November 29, 2008

i heart funny people...

So Jo is a funny kind of gal, all us Meiers think, of course, we are hilarious. I think we all love being a little honory and sarcastic. Always done while batting our eyelashes and almost bursting with giggles inside.

Jo told me this story of a conversation with a twenty something tanning store manager.... I almost peed my pants.

Tanning guy: "do you have goggles."
Jo: "no, I have the stupid eye stickers you made me buy last time."
Jo pulls them out of her wallet, untouched and never used.
Tanning guy: "You didn't use them."
Jo: "No, I don't open my eyes in there."
Tanning guy:"I can't tell you how bad that is for your eyes, do you want to go blind?"
Jo: "No, I don't want skin cancer either, but I am still here aren't I."
Tanning guy: "uh, number 10 is ready for you."

A couple weeks later...

Tanning guy: " oh I remember you, I know you don't need goggles, do you need some lotion."
Jo: "oh yes, I would love to spend $40 dollars on a bottle of something that doesn't work anyway."
Tanning guy: "uh, I can't even deal with you today, number 8 is open."
Jo.... "heee hee heeee"

To bad Jo is the whitey of the bunch, and has to go tanning every once in awhile to get some color... so sad... but funny.