Friday, November 7, 2008

they don't care...

I pulled out our Halloween costumes last week, and at the last minute decided I should grab Ollie a new costume. This quick decision was made as I was walking out of our local Fred Meyers, they had costumes at 70% off, and the deal consumer in me kicked in. Of course the costumes are made horribly, probably in china (i didn't check), and even though only paid a small amount, it was enough to cancel out my once in awhile coffee splurges for the week.

I think I actually spent more on the styrofoam bird than I did on the costume, but it kind of made the outfit.

Ollie was stoked when we first got it, Max was too. They spent the day taking turns being Captain Hook (we love the old peter pan movie at this house).

2 Years ago I bought the chicken outfit on clearance at old navy for 5 bucks. It was a size 4 and ollie was only 2 but it worked, i was huge pregnant and we didn't go anywhere anyway. That is the best little suit, it is made with good fabrics, is super warm, and I must say pretty darn cute. I was disappointed this year with the old navy costumes, they just don't seem as cool, or as well made as the chicken.
By Halloween night Ollie was not so stoked on his Captain Hook costume. The fabric is so lightweight we had to try to layer him up, which he was not cool with. So he ended up being the Monkey, Max's costume from last year, a size 12 month. In the end they don't care, I could have thrown sheets over them with the eyes cut, and told them they were ghosts, that is what my mom did. So smart!

Don't get me started on how weird a tradition trick-or-treating is, who decided knocking on strangers doors to get candy was a good idea. I think next year we might be re-thinking our way of celebrating.