Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the postal service came through...

At Halloween we were so bummed. Nana Barb had sent the boys a box of new jammies and warm new winter clothes. The boxed shipped on Oct. 24th and we thought it was lost for good as the days of anticipation turned into weeks.

But On Monday Nov. 17th it arrived.... Yeah... it was a little tattered and torn up, but all the goods were inside, and boy, were we stoked.

Ollie loves his new jammies. He was so heartbroken when all his winter jammies were handed down to max. Every night we had wars over footie jammies, Ollie trying to squeeze his long lanky body into any and all of the footie jammies from last year. Nana Barb did a great job, and now he is nice and toasty warm, just like max.
Thanks Nana Barb!