Monday, November 24, 2008

Little man turned two...

As of Saturday our littlest man is no longer a baby. By the time your two it is official, you are a kid.

My favorite birthdays growing up have never involved the gifts that I got, they always involved special traditions my family did. Like getting to choose what we had for dinner, not where we went for dinner, but what my mom made for dinner. Your birthday was a day you got to ride shotgun all day long, and didn't have to fight for it. You got to go to the grocery store, just with mom, and one time I got to go alone with my mom and dad, and on the way home, we stopped at DQ and shared a peanut buster parfait. My memories are all of the special time I got to spend, not how much money my parents spent on me, or what lavish gifts they got me. As my boys are getting older, I am trying to keep that in perspective, trying to hold onto the memories I hold so dear, and trying to make there birthdays just as memorable, without being materialistic. I fall short of course, because who doesn't want to lavish your kids in lots of new fun stuff. We didn't do too bad. Nana Barb sent a fun package for thanksgiving and for maxes b-day, so he got quite a bit of gift opening experience this year.

on the morning of, max and ollie both woke up early, at 6:45 am... gasp... so as I was sipping my coffee, and B was getting ready to run to the store to get some balloons, we decided to load everyone up in there jammies for a little freddys adventure. We let Max pick out one toy, and we let Ollie pick out a toy to give to max. It was really cute, and I think Max had a good morning. It is rare you get to hit up the store in your jammies.

Max picked out this little vacuum. He is obsessed with our big vacuum. He has spent the last two days attached to that thing, on his birthday night I had to put it to bed with him, all snuggled in next to a vacuum, crazy kid. I keep kicking myself, I should have got one that actually does vacuum, like a dust buster, it would have crossed one thing off my chore list.

Ollie picked out a little bottle gun, we'll he got one for himself too. We never have really bought gun toys for the kids, an occasional squirt gun in the summer, but man, my kids turn everything and anything into "shooters" how do kids pick up on that kind of stuff.

We celebrated with some friends and family that night at Old Town Pizza, originally we were headed to mississippi pizza pub for live kids music. But man that place was packed, so we turned around and went to plan B. It worked out nicely and the kids got to run around like crazy monkeys. I got to eat yummy pizza and drink a pint, so I was happy.

Almond got Max a little sesame street bongo video game. It plugs right into the tube, and is pretty freakin cool. Super easy for the boys to use, and educational too. The boys had a blast the next morning hangin out in there jammies and taking turns.