Friday, January 30, 2009

husband of mine...

B and I got to sneak out last night by ourselves under the disguise of having to do some birthday shopping for a certain little man turning the big 4. It was so much fun!

We were taking full advantage of a night out, so first we stopped for a coffee to keep us awake.

Here is the conversation that pursued at the coffee shop.

Coffee guy "do you want your receipt."
Me: "No, thanks, you can keep it, I mean I will let you keep it." (said to be kind of funny)
Coffee guy: "okay, I just keep them all inside and let them get all bunched up." (referring to the receipt machine thingy).
Me: quickly replying "ya know that's not good for you."

me and the coffee guy both laugh and I start walking to the other side to wait for my coffee, B lets out a laugh and says......
"wow, I forget that your funny, it's like you are a real person or something."

It is not that I was really even funny, but it was so nice to look at my husband and see what we both fell in love with... it's nice that we can still even see that. With two crazy little men, crazy schedules, crazy jobs, and crazy stress. It was nice to be looked at like the 20 something girl B first met in that dingy little music studio in Modesto.
We spent the majority of the evening cruising around toy stores, looking for the perfect gifts. I decided I wasn't a very fun mom. I kept getting drawn back to the educational toys, the books, puzzles and wooden stuff. I really wanted to get him something "fun" but just saw a bunch of plastic crap. It was funny too because of the CPSIA laws coming into affect it is amazing how many toys you see on clearance, like their all trying to unload un-certified inventory before Feb. 10th.
We ended up getting Ollie a set of Lincoln logs, a telescope, and a set of dragons.... we were pretty stoked, and I know he is going to Love them. When you ask what he wants for his birthday he always says... "a telescope, a dragon, a dinosaur, and a dinosaur, and a dinosaur, and a dinosaur." everytime you ask, the same thing....
B and I finished off our night at bridgeport brewery on Hawthorne, B had an awesome burger (blue cheese and bacon), and I had a great salad (hazelnut and blue cheese) and a pint of porter. We decided we could never eat another McMenamins burger after that burger last night. Bridgeport may be our new hangout. The food was great and the service even better. Nothing against Mcmenamins, but they are just so hit and miss, an easy option for a dinner out, but the food is nothing to write home about.