Sunday, January 25, 2009

we heart sellwood park...

I was going to add these to the last post, but I think I over pictured you there. Can you tell I like visuals. Most of the time I don't really want to write anything but love sharing the photos...

At the park we met two kids around our boys age and their nanny. It made me never want to hire a nanny. I know that all nannys are not like this one, but, arghhh. I nannied when I was in my 20's in Seattle, and I guess I saw a little of myself in the girl. She was early to mid 20's, she had a raspy voice, like she had smoked waaaayyy to much the night before, and had made comments of only functioning on 4 hours of sleep.

When we got to the park she was walking out, by herself, and commented that it was freezing. I forgot the boys vests in the car so once we got the boys safely in the park with aunt Rachel in charge, I headed back to the car. The nanny was parked in front of me and was digging through the back of the car looking for a jacket, she made a comment that she "hopes the kids are still in the park, their mothers would kill her if she lost their kids." The kids with her were on the complete other side of the park, if someone decided to take one, there is no way she would have made it back by the time the crazy had already taken off, and they were the only ones in the park. It gave me the momma heebie jeebies....

Anyway, I understand it is hard to peel two 3 and 4 yr olds away from the park, but still, I would never leave my kids unsupervised in a park, no matter what.

The boys actually really liked having more kids to play
with, we played hide and seek, and tag, and took turns swinging and teeter tottering.
The nanny stood against a tree texting on her phone, and taking pictures of the trees, she barely even gave a glance toward the kids. What if I was crazy, I could have walked right out of that park with that little girl. I could forgive the not really being into playing with the kids at the park thing, we all have those days, but she wasn't very nice to the kids either. On the teeter totter we were talking about being a mom, having kids full time and such, she had these two full time, so she could relate. But she talked bad about the kids, especially the little girl who was 3 or 4, calling her a brat and saying if she was hers, she would be much more well-behaved and not such a pain. I am sure the girl could test her patience, but she was sweet, and no matter what I would never want anyone to talk about my kids like that, especially not in front of them. Maybe this girl needed to find a more suitable job, I don't think childcare was her forte.

It kind of broke my heart. Just makes me realize my boys are the apple of my eye, but not everyone has the same love for my boys as I do. I wanted to ask for the kids parents number just so I could clue them in. She seemed like a girl who totally hams it up for the parents, and once their gone could care less what the kids were doing.

We have been lucky in the past when we needed childcare, I used to drive all the way to Gresham just to take Ollie to a place I felt he was safe, loved, and well taken care of... thanks Sarah if your reading this! It made me realize how lucky we were to find you.


Tiffany said...

Makes me sad to hear stories like that about nannies! I would've wanted to call the parents too! We are so lucky we can stay home with our kids!(As much as they push our buttons and drive us CRAZY sometimes) Looks like you guys had a nice time at the park anyway.