Tuesday, January 13, 2009

pdx lumberjax...

So my bro-in-law is doing design work for the portland lumberjax (lacrosse), part of the arrangement is tickets to all home games. I wasn't sure how the boys would do, but hey they were free tickets, so even if we had to leave I wasn't out anything. Brian had to work that day, and had worked a long week, so he got the night off to hang with the guys. I loaded up the two little men and headed to lloyd center to meet my mom, jo, wendy and ryan for a quick ride down to the rose garden. The boys love the max, I wish we lived closer to a max stop, but it is always such a fun little adventure when we do take them on the train.

We took a quick ride and got a bite to eat at burgerville, a rare treat for the boys, we try not to do fast food, usually only on road trips really. But my boys are definitely their father's son, they love a burger and fries.The game was sooooo fun, we met jeff, annie, gavin, and chloe there. There were huge halls to run around in when the boys got tired of sitting, and there was enough going on that they really didn't start getting antsy until the end. I was lucky though, I had 6:2 adult to kid ratio, plus two cousins, there was plenty of help.
Jeff had bought this funny beard off of etsy, here is chloe modeling it. I never got a pic of the boys, they took it off before I could get the camera out. We passed it around and all had a chance to look like a lumberjack.

The boys probably liked the food the best, I keep their sugar consumption low at home, but out with galinda, jo, gavin and chloe... they got to try sugary gross shaved ice (blue poop for a week) cotton candy, and redropes... Ollie the kid with a sensitive tummy had too much and actually puked at the end of the night, one minute he was sucking down shaved ice, the next puking in his seat, and looking at me with wide eyes, like "what just happened, it tasted so good." Note to self, pack my own snacks next time.

We got home around 10 p.m.... both boys fell asleep in the car, I had to pry their mouths open and brush their teeth in bed. No way was I going to chance one night of no teeth brushing after all the gross sugary things they consumed. Funny thing, they never even woke up. Those are the type of outings I love. The ones that result in two extremely sleepy men.
okay maybe it was'nt the outing, maybe it was a sugar crash, but they slept all night, cool with me!


Their Giant said...

So, now whenever I turn on the computer, Claire is like, "More Max and Hollie (sorry, Ollie, I'm just quoting)." It's really cute but sometimes annoying because I just want to check my email or something. She seems to think that the computer is for her to check out her friends :)