Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekday fun...

We have had gorgeous weather lately. Bright and sunny, still freezing but the sun has been out, and the rain has stayed away. Right now my backyard is a lovely white, we had a snow shower last night and it is still coming down, pretty, but I really enjoyed the sun.

To help us enjoy the great weather rachel and joey came up and spent two nights with us. Man three boys all under the age of 4, it was super fun.

Sooo, what do you do with three high energy boys to get all their wiggles out. We ran all the energy out of those boys. We took them to our favorite parks and the zoo for winter picnics. We had fun movie nights, and pancake breakfasts.
B even babysat all three of the boys one night so we could sneak out and see a movie. It was really fun, and just the break I needed from our crazy life right now. The CPSIA crap has taken over my brain, so it was nice to have fun company to take my mind off of things.