Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the leaves never change...

One huge, horrible, and sad thing I noticed while visiting Becki in Austin, the leaves don't change.

In the lovely pacific northwest, our surroundings from the end of September to about mid to late November are visually stunning. Our leaves turn to gorgeous, bright, vibrant colors. Driving in over the Fremont bridge the whole city almost looks like it is on fire, all the trees turn shades of bright green, yellow, orange and red. It is seriously one of my favorite things about fall.
We talked about it in Austin, the city is beautiful and has a ton of trees, allot of huge old living oak trees. They are beautiful but they stay a dull moss green, or brown color all year round.

Me and the boys decided aunt Becki needed a little bit of home in Texas. We collected quite a variety of leaves to send. I hope they make it in one piece, otherwise she is going to have leaf confetti. I carefully pressed them between sheets of paper before I mailed them off. We shall see if that works!